Bring greater meaning to your life. 

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Grace Ascending

Using astrology, tarot, & other intuitive approaches gathered along my travels, I offer customized readings to address the unique interests of my clients. I know from experience that anyone called to see an intuitive practitioner will benefit deeply from the contact, and it is my commitment to serve my clients' highest potential & deepest longings. 

With friends, family, and kindred spirits scattered all over the world, my client base is far-reaching geographically & culturally. I have spent over 20 years studying esoteric wisdom through various schools of inquiry, and have worked intensively with a number of renowned astrologers, scholars, & mystics, including Steven Forrest, Sherene Vismaya, Sonja Francis, Jessa Walters, Nonie Valentine, Heather Roan Robbins, Zeynep Acikalp, Elliot Wolfson, & Katelan Foisy. ​I have also been deeply involved in the Jungian psychoanalytic community for many years, both as a committed analysand & as a general seeker of the numinous, and tend to draw from a general Jungian orientation in my practice. 

It is my great joy to share my insight, intuition, & deep compassion with each of my clients. Through intuitive counseling, you can find greater meaning in the patterns of your life, maneuver challenging dynamics with grace, and journey forth on a more purposeful, fulfilling course. 

-Andrea Grace, MS, RYT-200