Andrea Grace is a creative and intuitive astrologer.  She is capable of opening a chart and interpreting our unique gifts as represented by the location of the stars and planets from the moment of our birth onward.  Andrea is grounded in the principles of Jungian theory and archetypes as well as understanding dreams and the collective unconscious. I participated in the Minnesota seminar of Jungian studies with Andrea, where we engaged in the study the Swiss psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung and Jungian psychology.  I am also in an astrology study group that Andrea facilitates.   She creates a safe and welcoming environment for individuals to be vulnerable within a group.  Andrea skillfully introduces us to the concepts and possibilities of astrology to help us understand ourselves.  I highly recommend her.
 -W.L., Artist & Retired Human Resources Consultant, Saint Paul, MN, USA

Andrea is gifted in using the art of astrology to reflect upon the nature of your life path, strengths and struggles. She also provides valuable insights into how experiences may relate to current transits in your chart. She is candid, thoughtful, and inquisitive in her readings and shares powerful tools that push us further in reflection about ourselves and our relationship to others.

​-L.B., Ph.D. Student​, Chiapas, Mexico

Andrea is a rising star in astrology! Her review and explanation of my birth chart were right on time and right on point.  I have a clearer picture of who I am and where I am going, thanks to her detailed and beautifully articulated reading.  I will continue to seek out her astro wisdom and celestial guidance.

-C. L., Business Owner, San Diego, CA, USA



Andrea's mastery of tarot combined with her incredible intuition make for powerful readings. Her eclipse reading helped me to completely understand the fundamental issues I'd been facing over the past year and the pathway to resolution. It absolutely blew my mind. I had the spread as the wallpaper on my phone for the 10 months following to serve as a reminder of the insights I'd gained. She also has such a deep appreciation for the artistry and imagery used in the cards and how they energetically resonate with each individual she reads for. Her readings are truly beautiful and profound experiences. 
L., Entrepreneur & Shamanic Breathing Practitioner, Minneapolis, MN

Andrea has given me a total of 3 very solid readings, with outstanding advisement that has opened many path ways for me, on both my spiritual and healing journeys. Her spot-on insights on my weaknesses and strengths helped me become more aware of myself and my surroundings. Andrea is genuine, funny, has great energy, warmth, very intuitive, and extremely talented! I trust her. She is passionate about what she does, and made the little hairs on my arms
and the back of my neck stand on end, with how much she knew and covered in her readings that went as far back as my childhood.  I was truly amazed at how in depth her readings were. Andrea did not sugar coat anything, she serves her coffee black. She is a truly remarkable reader, and is really great with follow up questions to the readings too.
5 Stars all the way for Andrea!
​-P.M.G., Colon Hydrotherapist, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Grace Ascending

​Three words that describe my experience with Andrea's tarot readings are clear, personal, and educational. Tarot seems to be the consciousness coming into a form and Andrea understood and explained this greatness with ease and confidence. I felt supported and seen while she read my deck. I left feeling ready for the next part of my journey. 

-L.Y., Entrepreneur & mother of two, Minneapolis, MN, USA

​Andrea does an excellent reading.  Her comforting calm affect makes the session a wonderful experience.  I felt a strong sense of direction and encouragement after our reading.  She addressed all aspect of my life and gave me reassurance and comfort. Thank you!​

-S.F., Minneapolis, MN, USA, Medical Doctor

If you're thinking about getting an accurate, deep, generous tarot card reading, book a session with Andrea seriously. I've never met anyone like her. She is the real deal and such a genuine, connected, giving person. She really knows what she's talking about and is so easy to connect with. She doesn't judge you. She is a safe, TRUSTWORTHY person and her reading meant so much to me and really helped me and gave me more insight on myself. I would do another reading with her in a SECOND! Seriously trust me if you're thinking about working with her, don't even think just do. You will not regret it. It was perfect and she really blew my mind. She is so magical and so powerful.
-M.P., Saint Paul, MN, USA, College student

Andrea was the featured Tarot Reader at our annual benefit event. She was a delight to work with and helped make our fundraiser very successful. Andrea was very generous with her time and energy, and everyone at the event was talking about their readings! As a nonprofit arts organization we strive to provide our donors with unique experiences that are also presented professionally. We aim to make our fundraisers enjoyable, organized, and welcoming for all kinds of people. Andrea’s personality and sensitive readings fit with these values perfectly, and we’d be very happy to work with her again. 

-R.D., Chicago, IL, USA, Artist & Founder of a Dance Company and Non-Profit

Tarot is a personal art form of listening and feeling into the consciousness of another person. I felt completely seen and supported by Andrea when she read my tarot. She spoke openly about the process, which helped me learn and settle into the process. Andrea also explained what the cards symbolized to her and also on a broader sense. I left feeling connected to myself and my path, which are experiences that I seek out greatly. I will definitely be practicing with Andrea more, especially during life transitions. ​

Y.Y., Yoga Instructor & Studio Owner, Minneapolis, MN, USA