Grace Ascending

Andrea is gifted in using the science of astrology to reflect upon the nature of your life path, strengths and struggles. She also provides valuable insights into how experiences may relate to current transits in your chart. She is candid, thoughtful, and inquisitive in her readings and shares powerful tools that push us further in reflection about ourselves and our relationship to others.

​-L.B., Ph.D. Student​, Chiapas, Mexico

Andrea is a rising star in astrology! Her review and explanation of my birth chart were right on time and right on point.  I have a clearer picture of who I am and where I am going, thanks to her detailed and beautifully articulated reading.  I will continue to seek out her astro wisdom and celestial guidance.

-C. L., Business Owner, San Diego, CA, USA

Andrea has given me a total of 3 very solid readings, with outstanding advisement that has opened many path ways for me, on both my spiritual and healing journeys. Her spot-on insights on my weaknesses and strengths helped me become more aware of myself and my surroundings. Andrea is genuine, funny, has great energy, warmth, very intuitive, and extremely talented! I trust her. She is passionate about what she does, and made the little hairs on my arms
and the back of my neck stand on end, with how much she knew and covered in her readings that went as far back as my childhood.  I was truly amazed at how in depth her readings were. Andrea did not sugar coat anything, she serves her coffee black. She is a truly remarkable reader, and is really great with follow up questions to the readings too.
5 Stars all the way for Andrea!
​-P.M.G., Colon Hydrotherapist, Minneapolis, MN, USA